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Notes from today, and reading & blogging assignments for Thursday, February 14

Today we discussed non-text media and some of the challenges presented by moving from a predominantly analog environment to a digital one. On Thursday 2/14 we will discuss alternative media, both print (zines, pamphlets, etc.) and electronic (blogs, wikis, etc.) … Continue reading

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Digital Producers

In the second excerpt Producers of Digital Media the author Pavlik discusses how the advent of digital technologies is changing the identity and purpose of content producers. He introduces the subject by explaining that content has been traditionally been produced exclusively by large centralized corporate … Continue reading

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Media in the Digital Age

The media can derive from a large amount of sources whether it’s video, audio, or plain text. Thank to the World Wide Web, media production increased exponentially, allowing major entertainment companies to release programs such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, … Continue reading

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New Tech & the Media

Living in a time where technology is advancing by the minute. Pavlik’s evaluation on the uneasy alliance really makes me wonder, what’s the world gonna be like in the next 20 years? The Terminator? On a serious note, the digital … Continue reading

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