New Tech & the Media

Living in a time where technology is advancing by the minute. Pavlik’s evaluation on the uneasy alliance really makes me wonder, what’s the world gonna be like in the next 20 years? The Terminator? On a serious note, the digital age does has it advantages. Information is so much more accessible than ever before. Great historic men of the past led the way for mankind to get to this point in time, credit due to one of many, Guglielmo Marconi. As far as disadvantages, my generation is suffering from a lot of issues. It all depends on how resourceful you are & what type of information you seek. I believe creativity is dumbed down. Too much silly trends pop up frequently blindly leading the youth to destruction, not in all ways but some. Hey, some people become very successful off of trends don’t get me wrong. But at what cost, to affect others? Mass appeal is at an all time high by the click on a button. Filtering out what’s good & whats bad for you is harder than ever. Our everyday lives & standards of living is constantly effected in ways we wouldn’t even consider. I could go on & on about the relations we as humans beings have with new tech & the media, but it’s nothing new to the ear. Discussions & debates occur everyday. New solutions always inhabit new problems. Looking at the new age in whole, it’s really interesting to me to be living in this age. The world is a spectrum to me by the power of a hyperlink.

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