Technology – Pavlik

In the reading by Pavlik, New Technology and the Media: An Uneasy Alliance the title tells us how he will explain how New Technology and the Media are not exactly on the same page. Media and Technology have been challenged by each other but Media is in a way dependent on Technology. With technology the media adopted many great advantages. One of the many technologies is the telegraph that was invented that allowed newspapers to post pictures of what was happening in certain places allowing the media to grow. Another example would be the radio that was invented by Marconi which allowed news reporting wirelessly. Then came the rise of the web which enabled you to do web surfing, blogging, email, and instant messaging. This new source allowed the news to gain more and keep the existing ones. Pavlik reminds me of the read by Badke because Badke as well as Pavlik explained many of the same parts as Pavlik many being the web.

– Alae Mito

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