Blog 1: Badke-Ch.1 & 8

Information is everywhere, even in ourselves. Information is knowledge in any form that can be obtained by processing, instruction, studied, etc. Chapter 1 in William Badke’s information book, Research Strategies, states that information is traditional and it is limited due to lack of spreading. Therefore, this made humanity’s survival very difficult to maintain. The Printing Press allowed information to be spread more easily and it made a useful contribution in wars such as WWI and the American Revolutionary War. Although that may be so, the down side is that the Press is only useful in literate populations and that rate isn’t very high. As years pass, new technology became available for the spread of information such as the internet, television, etc.

Chapter 8 of Badke’s book tells how to manage large amounts of information in a short period of time. I find these tips very useful because I am not very skilled in the field of literature. Hopefully, I will able to better understand the flow of information and learn several methods to make my work with it presentable and eligible. The “Glutton” is not meant to get the information. Also, it is impossible to know and understand EVERY bit of information. However, it is possible to know large amounts of information in a short period of time and we humans gradually improve.

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