Badke’s theory about Information

What is information?? Information is knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction. Information supposed to inform and it has to reliable, relevant, and current and so on. In ancient times the information used to pass from generation to generation orally which I believe was limited person to person only. Then printing came into action and the knowledge started spreading many places through the written sources for example books and articles. But only that stuff used to print which publisher believed is valuable, because of which much useful information tends to stay underground. Nowadays we have internet, anyone can post their knowledge without the help of the publishers. It also creates problems; the information posted on the internet could be true or false. But it also makes our life easy, we don’t have go around and search for the information, we just can Google and get many results, but those results could be accurate or inaccurate so now it’s our responsibility to search for actual information. At the end Badke’s reading raised question in my mind, along making our life easy, are the chances to get accurate information becoming hard as the technology is growing??

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