Evolution of Information

In chapter 1 Badke analyze the way that information has evolve from a “traditional sources”, which is based on knowledge of a society being passed down through a oral manner to a more saturated bombardment of information which can be found on the World Wide Web. I think what is most noteworthy about his assessment is that as we evolve as a society,the reliability and accuracy of the knowledge on a particular subject has suffered. As he stated, in a society with a traditional source of information there was more control. Control not only of what was being taught and passed down to the next generation but also who was permitted to do so. On the other hand if you examine how knowledge is gained today there are multiple sources (storytellers), whether its printed or digital media there are usually many variation on whatever is being researched. What I got from this chapter is what is most important above all when doing research is the quality of that information.

Robert Taylor

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