Blog 1 Chapters 1 and 8

The key to utilizing the troves of information available to the average researcher is the ability to discern what is relevant, accurate, and objective. Since the creation of the printed book and even the more recent emergence of the digital age the availability of information (which was at one time reserved for scholars) has been thrust into the general population. People from all walks of life can now research and contribute to the growing information community. While this expansion of knowledge is essential in keeping a growing population informed it may also deter the quality of work being submitted. Anyone can now contribute to the wealth of information made available to the public, as a result strong opinions or biases may be passed as fact with no real evidence to support the claims. It is important for any person using these sources for educational purposes to be aware of this issue and to actively read each source. This entails questioning the authors expertise, fact checking, and and drawing your own conclusions from the readings.

Jessica Bilikiewicz

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