Notes from today, and reading/blogging assignments for Thursday

hi everyone,

Thanks for a great first class meeting. If you did not complete and return the sign-in sheet, please do so on Thursday.

On Thursday we’ll meet in our usual classroom, A543. We’ll cover a brief history of media and the lifecycle of information, including traditional print media: journalism, and academic/research and government publications.
Your reading assignment is from Research Strategies by Badke: the preface, chapter 1, and chapter 8. Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post on the course website (minimum 100 words). A reading response discusses one or more of the readings assigned for the class. Identify a topic or theme from the reading, briefly summarize it, and analyze it in relation to other readings and themes in the course. Does this reading raise any questions in your mind? Refer to the blogging guidelines or ask me if you have any questions or issues about your setting up your OpenLab account, joining the course site, or blogging.

~Professor Leonard


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