Notes from today (3/21) and reading and blogging assignments for Thursday, April 4

Today’s topic was advanced internet searching. You all had the opportunity to search for (and hopefully find!) scholarly information sources on your research topics. You may have used Google scholar, or perhaps tried another online archive of scholarly sources; Badke recommends the following:

•Scirus –
•ArXiv –
The use of citation managers such as Easybib and Zotero was also covered; if you had a chance to create your Easybib account in class today, remember that you can log in and organize your research from anywhere. Slides from today are available here.

On Thursday, April 4, we will discuss how to use library catalogs to locate books, e-books, and other media. Please read Badke Ch. 5 (pp. 71-76) and review Badke, chapter 4 (entire) and the Library of Congress Classification Outline. Your blogging assignment is one research journal blog post, responding to the questions below:

In class today you tried out advanced internet search strategies and scholarly internet resources  to search for sources on your research topic. Describe one advanced strategy or scholarly resource you used. Did you find different information sources than you found doing a regular internet search (just using Google, Yahoo, etc.), and if so, how are they different? Did you encounter any difficulties that you haven’t encountered in a regular internet search?

Enjoy Spring Break!

~Prof. Leonard

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