When I was working on choosing a topic and developing a research paper, the first difficulty I had was to find a topic that takes my interest. I mean, There are a lot of  good topics out there but I didn’t know which one I should choose. So, what I did was to take only the top 5 topic that I already have some informations with and then break them down. In the end I choose the topic that I feel the most comfortable with. Another, difficulties that I had was to search for the right sources. I am still struggling with it so far but hopefully, I will find the right ones that I think are more relevant to my topic. As for strategies, I used outlines and brainstorms. The reason I use them was because my professor in High School forced us to use those before writing down an essay. Somehow, I got used to it and now I could not write any essay without doing those two first. As for the question for my assignment, I do not have any right now.

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