Farragut Houses in the news again!

Check out this story about a new supermarket that will be convenient for residents of the Farragut Houses: Wegmans is Welcomed at the Navy Yard. The proposed supermarket will be built at the corner of Flushing Avenue and Navy Street. If you explore the site in Google street view, you’ll see Admirals’ Row, formerly grand houses for Navy officers, now collapsing buildings in an urban forest. What do you think – should these historic buildings be preserved, or is a large, well-supplied supermarket a better way to use this land?

Finishing edits to the Wikipedia article and OpenLab site by Wednesday

A few things to remember: the Farragut Houses Wikipedia article should contain content relevant to the Farragut Houses. Other information (NYCHA, Vinegar Hill, downtown Brooklyn, etc.) should appear in our OpenLab project site and should also appear in a Wikipedia article that is more relevant to that topic. Be sure that Wikipedia in-text references link to Wikipedia content. Use the RefToolbar to create references to to external sources. See Wikipedia Referencing help for more information.

On Wednesday, we meet in our usual classroom first, where everyone will have a chance to present their work on the Wikipedia article, the OpenLab project site, or both. We’ll move to A540 (library e-classroom) for the last hour where you can make any final edits to your work.

Keep up the great work – you’re almost there!


Adding media to Wikimedia Commons, and location on Monday, November 30

On Monday, November 30 we will meet in G603 for the entire class meeting. The room has computers so come prepared to make progress on your group’s contribution to the Wikipedia article or the OpenLab site.

Any images (photographs, sketches, maps) used in the Wikipedia article should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons first. Use your Wikipedia username & password to log in, then upload your files. Be aware that once your images are a part of Wikimedia Commons, it can be used by others in Wikipedia or elsewhere, depending on what license you assign to it.

This infographic explains what is permissible to upload:

Wikimedia Commons Licensing Tutorial

Wikimedia Commons Licencing Tutorial









Enjoy the long weekend and holiday, everyone!

~Prof. L.

wiki Questions

  1.  how do you link wiki to open lab?
  2.  how do I create a new page?
  3.  Why would my article get deleted?
  4.  how do I change the name of an article?
  5. Is there limited space for visual data such as graphs or pictures?
  6.  how do I cite Wikipedia?
  7. what kind of topics cannot be edited in Wiki?
  8.  can I rely on Wikipedia for advice on medical, legal, financial, safety, and other critical issues?
  9. how do I know when a photograph taken is legal ?
  10. how do I make the categories link to the content in the article
  11.  How can I contact Wikipedia?
  12. how do I make an Info box appear at the top right of an article?

Wikipedia Questions

  1. How does the Wikipedia team comes to to concenus on what information is credible to stay and what has to be removed?
  2. why is the edit button visible on some Wikipedia pages and on some it does not exist e.g. celebrities and politicians . How does the Wikipedia editors evaluate when a page needs to be closed?
  3. Is there a limit of sources that is needed for one topic in order for the page to exist and not be removed?