Darya | Questions

  1. What time is given before article will be open for editing?
  2. Formats of graphics supported by Wikipedia?
  3. Will it be possible to put a secure link to the open lab website as a reference to the first version of the article?
  4. What websites we can use to put there graphics that cannot be upload to Wiki?
  5. Can everyone edit this article on officially it will be created by just one person and who will it be?
  6. Can we add secondary sources references? (“forgotten New York”) reference to his book.

2 thoughts on “Darya | Questions

  1. Anne Leonard

    -Can we embed video in a Wikipedia entry?
    -If the graphics/data visualization team creates a map (animated gif?), can that be used in a Wikipedia article?
    -what is the difference between See Also, References, and External Links at the bottom of a Wikipedia article?


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