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Pre visit reflection #3

I am very excited about our third visit to the NYCHA Farragut housing complex since this time we will actually have a NYCHA representative with us to kind of give us a tour around the property and to also answer any questions we might have since we all want primary information directly from someone that works there. I also hope we will get the opportunity to go inside of one of the buildings just so that we can get a sense of how it is inside appose to the outside. I am very open minded about this visit and  I hope we can get all our questions answered such as whether or not section 8 is accepted, what are the criteria to be accepted into the program, what is the rent like, how Many bedrooms are offered to families and how does tenant get evicted ?

Pre visit – Farragut

This will be our third visit to the Farragut houses. Our first visit allowed for a general overview of the buildings and its surrounding area. The second visit allowed for greater detail by visiting specific streets. This visit should provide more details for our respective topics. I’m hoping to get as much beneficial information as I can.

Farragut housing visit

Today’s visit will be the most informative to me. We will be talking to workers who have an inside look to the housing project that we’ve been researching. I hope we find out more about the actual use of the ground and get an indepth look to the perks and disadvantages to living in the Farragut houses. I look forward to our visit today !

Darya | pre-visit reflection Farragut Houses

Throw out the whole semester we were asking questions and in many cases didn’t get an answer. The biggest questions were hidden in NYCHA. Who else to ask if not people who were distroying old vinegar hill and building Farragut Houses. It’s them who changed Windows and who know everything about any other changes on the site. So many questions to ask!

What changes did they do? What building have being opened first? Were they changing the plan? Why did they choose this form for the buildings?  Is property considered to be public or private? Will be they open to give some pieces of this land to building commercial places? What do they need to improve there? Do they get all finances from the government? Does NYCHA have any constructions right now? How new projects are different from the old ones? What was their main focus on those days and is it today?

It will be interesting to look again at the site and feel the knowledges, to know how old are the buildings in Vinegar Hill and imagine the life how it was those days. I’m very exited about the project.



Farragut Housing Visit #5 Pre-site reflection

It will be exciting and eye-opening if tomorrow during our site visit to the Farragut Housing, we are able to get a tour of the buildings itself. I wonder what kind of art work or murals do they have inside their community center, if any at all.

After our last class meeting, the discussion about potentially having a gallery dedicated to the research we conduct on this project up at the Grace gallery got me thinking: what if we could have our work displayed or presented at the Farragut Housing project itself? Work displayed showing the history of the site, pre-Farragut Housing to the building of it.

Many of the residents are happy and content with where they live, but are they aware of what it used to be? It cold also be a controversial topic that might spark any heated discussions.

Darya | Pre-Site Visit Reflection | Brooklyn Public Library

As a main div. of Libraries of Brooklyn which is exactly that neighborhood that we are interested in I’m expecting more deep sources about site that we are observing. It would of be pretty hard to find deeper information about Brooklyn in Manhattan but I think it will be easier in Brooklyn division. I’m guessing the most information will be in the books. I hope they have some collection of the old pictures that we can look at for our research.

I want to find more information about currently state of the Farragut Houses as well as time right before renewal.

BPL Pre-Visit

I enjoyed the visit to the NYPL, and I would imagine that this experience will be about the same. I look forward to an in depth look into my topic and am sure that this library will have some beneficial information. Hopefully, being located in Brooklyn gives it a slight edge on other libraries on information about the borough.

Grand Army Plaza Library

I’ve visited this site several times and I love what the neighborhood has to offer. The library is huge and collection vast. There is a theater for poetry readings and many other cultural events. I would love to have an in-depth exploration of this library to learn more about its facility.