Darya | pre-visit reflection Farragut Houses

Throw out the whole semester we were asking questions and in many cases didn’t get an answer. The biggest questions were hidden in NYCHA. Who else to ask if not people who were distroying old vinegar hill and building Farragut Houses. It’s them who changed Windows and who know everything about any other changes on the site. So many questions to ask!

What changes did they do? What building have being opened first? Were they changing the plan? Why did they choose this form for the buildings?  Is property considered to be public or private? Will be they open to give some pieces of this land to building commercial places? What do they need to improve there? Do they get all finances from the government? Does NYCHA have any constructions right now? How new projects are different from the old ones? What was their main focus on those days and is it today?

It will be interesting to look again at the site and feel the knowledges, to know how old are the buildings in Vinegar Hill and imagine the life how it was those days. I’m very exited about the project.



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