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5 points to help me focus on my topic.


Redefine topic as narrowly as possible

“The quality of life”

What have you learned about the topic
– beginning the area was farm land, after the revolution the land started to be sold and sectioned for development. The area then was sectioned into blocks and development brand both industrial and residential properties. The vision proposed by Joshua Sand was Olympia, a high end development similar to Manhattan. Seen as a Bustling area for growth. Then suffered a high crime rate. Then was chosen for urban renewal because of the slums, robbery drugs bars prostitution… Many blocks wiped out

What do you want to report about it
– the area prior to urban renewal ( crime rate, demographics, business and its effect on the area , real estate value)

What do I need to know/learn further to accomplish #3

What is my game plan
– find more information

Farragut housing visit

Today’s visit will be the most informative to me. We will be talking to workers who have an inside look to the housing project that we’ve been researching. I hope we find out more about the actual use of the ground and get an indepth look to the perks and disadvantages to living in the Farragut houses. I look forward to our visit today !

Grand Army Plaza Library

I’ve visited this site several times and I love what the neighborhood has to offer. The library is huge and collection vast. There is a theater for poetry readings and many other cultural events. I would love to have an in-depth exploration of this library to learn more about its facility.

NYPL preVisit reflection

I’m beginning to trust our professors more. Every class is a new experience that I actually enjoy and take something of significance home with me. I think that seeing these maps are going to be really cool. I really want to find out what the “slums” of vinegar hill look like.

Urban design studio post visit reflection



I really enjoyed the visit to the urban life studio. We walked around the studio in different groups to listen to my peers talk about their projects, for the expansion of the Farragut houses. The students had also made a visit to the Farragut housing projects. They made representative scale models to show us their vision for the expansion of the farragut housing.They all made new buildings surrounding the older ones. New buildings were going to be built to be multi functional, with office space, commercial space and residential area. They cut the mega-block down into smaller streets with through-traffic. The ways that they created space for business,jobs, homes would help bring more traffic to this area and make it more inviting. This interaction very exciting and experience. I liked seeing urban renewal in its infancy stages.

Pre-visit Reflection

This trip doesn’t really excite me nor do I really want to go on the trip. Mainly because I’ve visited project-housing similar to this one before. The understaffed crew, and the lack of maintenance makes the buildings so unappealing. But there is a little part of me that wants to visit this site so that I could speak to some of the people there. I want to learn about the process in which they attained this housing and what programs/services they could use. I would also like to talk to the workers to find out what could be done to help them do their jobs more effectively.