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post site visit Farragut #3

This was the third visit to the Farragut houses but then we had a NYCHA representative who was the building manager fr the project houses. She gave us a tour around the Farragut houses and we went inside of the houses for the first time and saw what the conditions were. The conditions of the building as I observed were average compared to other project, and well maintained. We were able to ask he questions about the buildings and NYCHA that we couldn’t find online and with the information she provided us, will help us with our research.

BPL Previsit refection

I’ve never been to the Brooklyn public library though I have been n the area before. The grand army plaza is a huge courtyard like area with a arch. But I don’t remember what the building looked like. I would like to go see this library to see it at least once.

Pre-site NYPL visit relfection & Urban Design studio post visit reflection

Pre-site reflection NYPL
On October 21, 2015 the class will meet in the New York public library in Bryant park to go to the map room. I am excited to go on this visit, I have passed by the library many times but I have never been inside. I am particularity excited to observe the historical maps. It will be amazing to observe the physical history on the topography of New York city throughout history. I expect this visit will be vital with our gathering of information for the Farragut houses and the neighborhood of Vinegar Hill for the Wikipedia page.

Urban Design Studio Post Vi
On October 19, 2015 we went to the Urban design studio to meet with students studying urban design and architecture. We talked about the Farragut houses and the neighborhood of Vinegar Hill. During our visit we discussed on how could the neighborhood of the Farragut houses could be improved and revitalized. There were propositions on changing the layout of the land where dividing the “super blocks” into more sub blocks to give more accessibility to the public and to give a more welcoming atmosphere. Also they proposed that with the change of the super blocks, it would give more opportunities for more businesses to open up and therefore hopefully revitalize the area where there will be more people going about and more positive activity in the neighborhood.


1.”Is It Maybe, Possibly, Actually Time For A Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront Streetcar?”
Whitford, Emma; Gothamist; July 31 2015

This link discusses future plans on building a rail car system connecting water front neighborhoods in queens and Brooklyn.

2.NYC buildings DOB rules
Building regulations of NYCHA. BUilding regulations and requirements.

Pressofice;NYCHA; July 16 2015

PRoposition for providing NYCHA buildings with broadband services.

4.”NYCHA’s Heating Systems”
INformation about NYCHA’s heating and plumbing systems throughout history

5.”Broolyn Navy Yard goes high-tech”
J.Hawkins,Andrew; Crain’s New York Business; May 9, 2013

Proposition on redesigning the Brooklyn Navy Yard into office space for manufacturing entrepreneurs.


I believe despite Wikipedia’s chaotic model, Wikipedia will stand the test of time and will be used in the future. With the growing increase in internet and phone development, people will turn to the internet for information. Wikipedia is a useful site to search for quick information that were submitted by people all over the world. That is what makes Wikipedia unique, it is the people that generates and shares the information through via link and other sources. I think this is a more efficient method to gather information on a subject rather than search individual sites and other sources where in Wikipedia the majority of related sources and data are listed for the user. This may be Wikipedia’s strengths and weakness, though efficient in gathering information; the site is only as large as the number of people using Wikipedia and number of editors contributing to the site. If Wikipedia can gain more users and editors to submit accurate data more, I believe Wikipedia will thrive in the future. If people also were to see Wikipedia as a more credible source, the definable more people will use the site as a search engine similar to google.