Finishing edits to the Wikipedia article and OpenLab site by Wednesday

A few things to remember: the Farragut Houses Wikipedia article should contain content relevant to the Farragut Houses. Other information (NYCHA, Vinegar Hill, downtown Brooklyn, etc.) should appear in our OpenLab project site and should also appear in a Wikipedia article that is more relevant to that topic. Be sure that Wikipedia in-text references link to Wikipedia content. Use the RefToolbar to create references to to external sources. See Wikipedia Referencing help for more information.

On Wednesday, we meet in our usual classroom first, where everyone will have a chance to present their work on the Wikipedia article, the OpenLab project site, or both. We’ll move to A540 (library e-classroom) for the last hour where you can make any final edits to your work.

Keep up the great work – you’re almost there!


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