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Wrap-up of today, and reading/blogging assignment for Monday, October 5

Today we spent some time researching the topics determined during Monday’s discussion, using the data portals at as a starting point. Here are a few; add your favorites in the comments:

Department of Health/Mental Hygiene
Department of City Planning
Department of Buildings BIS | Department of Finance ACRIS lookup

American Factfinder of the US Census can be useful for finding demographic data; we’ll cover alternate ways to get this information on Monday. When you don’t know where to start, try InvestigateNYC.

Don’t forget to create your Wikipedia account and send me your username so I can add you to the Learning Places WikiEdu course site. There is a short online training tutorial that everyone should complete. On Monday, we’ll cover researching historical primary sources, including digitized manuscripts, maps, and photos, as well as library databases.

For Monday, please read/view the following articles and video and write one 100-word blog post reflecting on the readings and addressing these questions:

Can the “completely chaotic model” of Wikipedia content development be sustained in the future? Why or why not? What would help it to survive?

Wikipedia readings & video:
Can Wikipedia Survive?

Who Killed Wikipedia?

Why does Wikipedia Work?

Your blog post is due by the beginning of class on Monday, October 5. See the blogging guidelines or ask me for blogging guidance.