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Post visit #3

After the third time we went to Farragut House, with the NYCHA staff, I got more understand about the property, One from many additional information that we got was we got chance to get in into one of the building and observe the lobby. Even though the officer of the NYCHA could not give me more information about the crime and safety, the information that she gave to all of us should be very helpful for most of us for our research.

Urban Design Studio class reflection

After meeting with the three groups and seeing on what are they planning about the Vinegar Hill neighborhood, i got a lot more knowledge about the area. Basically, the three groups that presented their plan for the neighborhood is to make the area better in life society and also safety matters. The purpose of their projects are very similar, with planning to build more residential buildings, more stores and also using the empty land with making more roads in between the Farragut Houses are so inspirational and i think it will be making a very great progress to the neighborhood to become a better future.


I think Wikipedia will still be survived in the future. The “completely chaotic model” has their plus and minus along the journey of the Wikipedia itself. First of all, Wikipedia is still one of the top sites that came out when i’m doing my research of something. I always check on the WIkipedia site about my topic just to get a general idea of the my topic. Even many people said that is not reliable source to read, in fact, it is not true. I know that anyone in this world can edit a Wikipedia page and might put something that is not true about the topic, but we as the readers, we also can double check the information before we truly believe it. Wikipedia just has to find way to encourage people as their visitors become also editors if they really know about one thing that they read in the Wikipedia site. Encouragement to participate fixing the chaos that irresponsible person who throw some untrue information on the Wikipedia page will definitely ensure continuity of the Wikipedia in the future.

Pre Visit Reflection

this is the first time i heard about Farragut housing. since i never know what it looks like, i tried to google it earlier just to get an idea how it looks like before i really go visit the place tomorrow morning. When i saw the images, it similar with what i thought in my mind, how it looks like, such as the buildings, and some greens surrounding the buildings. i think this observation that we are going to do will be very interesting. The thing that i am curious about is more to the people who lives there. How they socialize to each other, and i might discover some information that can expand my knowledge about project housings in New York City. In addition, i a little bit scared about the drawing that we have to do tomorrow, but besides that, i cannot want to do it, and see the result of my first drawing.