Blogging assignment for Monday 11/16

On Wednesday, November 18 our Wikipedia specialist, Prof. Ann Matsuuchi from LaGuardia Community College, will conduct a Wikipedia workshop on writing and editing articles and using the Sandbox and Talk pages. Please complete the student training before Wednesday’s class. For Monday, please write one blog post in response to the following:

What three questions do you have about researching, writing, and editing Wikipedia articles? Or, what three things do you most need to know before you begin to research, write, and edit?

I’ll start: How do I make an Infobox appear at the top right of an article, and what information should appear there?
How do I create a Table of Contents in an article, and how do I make the categories link to the content in the article?
How do I determine categories that appear in the table of contents?

~Prof. L.


1 thought on “Blogging assignment for Monday 11/16

  1. Nicoleta

    What kind of topics cannot be edited in Wiki?
    Is there any tool, like a citation machine that converts a bibliographic description into Wiki reference?
    Are there any useful topics that people need for their general knowledge that are not edited in Wikipedia yet?


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