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Wikipedia Questions

  1. Does every fact in the article we write need to have an in-text citation, or does the source just need to appear in the references?
  2. Are we allowed to add something to an article that we cannot find a credible source to back up, but we know is a fact from our experiences?
  3. Is there a limit to the amount of information and categories we can add to our article?

Post Site Reflection

After visiting Vinegar Hill and the Farragut houses for a third time, we walked away with a great amount of new and important information. Most of the information did not relate to my research topic, but it helped me grasp a better understanding of the Farragut Houses and how they work

Brooklyn Public Library Post Site Reflection

During our visit to the Brooklyn Public Library, we were able to do further research on our topics. We had access to maps we haven’t seen before, and news articles that had important information on our topics of research. The librarian also showed us the access we have to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on the libraries website. Overall, the site visit provided me with not only more valuable content, but access to resources that will potentially have more information for my group.

NYPL Post Site Visit Reflection

Our visit to the NYPL turned out even better than i expected. Like i said in the pre-site reflection, I have never been to a library bigger than the one at City Tech. The amount of information I was able to collect in that one hour was amazing. My research topic is the built environment of the area, specifically what was there before the Farragut Houses. In the one map book alone, I was able to record with great detail what each building was at the site in 1941. These maps also told us what the buildings were made of, and if there were any commercial spaces in the building. This was exactly what we needed, since the demolition of this area occurred only a few years later. I hope to have the opportunity to go back to the NYPL and look at other maps and resources to further help our research.

Urban Design Studio Visit Reflection

I thought the visit to the students of the Urban Design Studio was very interesting and informative. Seeing the different ways that the NYCHA grounds at the Farragut Houses can be better utilized, was an eye opener. I really liked aspects of each teams ideas, in what I would think would be an improvement to the area.