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Wikipedia Questions

  1. How do you create your first Wikipedia article?
  2. What are the types of Wikipedia articles I will be writing about?
  3. How do you become comfortable writing your first Draft?
  4. What are the Wikipedia articles that we will be writing about?
  5. What if you’re not good at writing Wikipedia articles?


Brooklyn Public Library pre visit reflection

At the very beginning of the semester when I was introduced to the Farragut houses, I went in search for primary source and history of the Farragut houses. I ended up in Brooklyn Heights library which is several blocks away from City Tech to gather information, the librarian there gave me one book and suggested that I should go to the Brooklyn Public Library which is the Central, main library for Brooklyn with lots of information on downtown Brooklyn and so I took the 41 bus and headed out, when I got there I was amazed to see this huge building with fine Art work at the entrance and the librarian at the Brooklyn collection was very helpful, nice to me so I appreciated that and that was a plus for me. She took her time and gathered information for me and continued looking for as much information needed .Thanks Ms. Librarian (I forgot her name) I thought that was really nice – I am looking forward to this 3rd Brooklyn Public Library visit.








NYPL -Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Post Site Visit

My experience visiting the New York Public library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue was a great Education experience, I am sure that the entire class felt the same because we was able to explore the maps of the City of Brooklyn –William Perris 1855- Volume 1 as well as other maps of Downtown Brooklyn area. We were able to study, take picture and record info of these maps for about 1 and ½ hour, without any interruptions in a private reading room all to ourselves, I thought that was cool. I was truly captivated with this book Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Study By Mayor’s Committee on Property Improvement Bernard F. Hogan Chairman, Joseph Platzker Secretary, one of the pages were dated June 17, 1941 with lots of interesting information about Downtown Brooklyn. Then we continued on to the Map room in the 1st Floor where we did some more exploring of this amazing room. I also had lunch at the Library eat a nice chicken sandwich and went to the bookstore and brought a book named Lost Brooklyn. Had a great time looking at the maps and exploring it a bit!! I look forward on a next visit to this great Library landmark very soon.






Reflection of the Urban Design Studio Visit

Reflection of the Urban Design Studio Visit

I got there a little late but immediately I joined a group and was really intrigue when I saw the work that these students have put towards the project of building 3D Modeling/ blueprints of the Farragut Houses and how they can transform to make a difference towards change in Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhoods.


Pre- Site reflection: Stephen A. Schwarzman building NYPL

My Pre Site reflection Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

On Monday, October 19, I accidentally went to the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, thinking that I was supposed to meet the Professors and the class for our site Visit. I arrived at 9:45 am so I waited outside till 10 o’clock because that is when the library opens. This library is a New York City landmark and it was my second time I entered this building for a short time. This library is a masterpiece from the architecture of the building and the marble staircases to the murals, it is simply breathtaking and I can’t wait to return to investigate and study it some more. I am excited to visit the map because it is new to me and there was so many different rooms that I would like to explore and learn more about.