Wrapping up LIB 1201

It’s been a great semester – thanks for all of your questions, attention, patience, enthusiasm, and hard work this semester. Group documentation project presentations take place today and Wednesday. Be sure that each group posts the link to their project to this site by 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 20. Each student should submit a self and group evaluation to me by the end of the day Wednesday:

Evaluate your work on this project and the work of the other students in your group.

Each student in your group is responsible for writing an evaluation of her/his own work on this project and the work of others in her/his group. Please answer all of the following questions in your evaluations:

  • Self evaluation (minimum 200 words):

What project tasks did you complete on your own? How would you describe the amount of effort you put into your work on this project? What do you think your strengths were in your work on this project? How could you improve your work on this project?

  • Group evaluation (minimum 200 words):

What project tasks did you complete as a group? Was the work shared evenly between group members? How effectively did your group work together? What do you think the strengths were of the group’s work on this project? How could the group improve its work on this project?

Best of luck with finals, everyone! Enjoy the summer.

~Prof. Leonard

Next week – presentations!

Next Monday, May 18 and Wednesday, May 20 are the final days we meet. Two groups will present on Monday, May 18 and three will present on Wednesday, May 20. Groups will have about 20-30 minutes for group work at the beginning of class on Monday.

Presenting on Monday, May 18:

  1. Elfatih & Steeve
  2. Alessandra, Kelly, Jay

Presenting on Wednesday, May 20:

  1. Adonas, Jonathan, Daniel
  2. Wil & Orany
  3. Pavel, Crystal, Kendrick

Each group should assign one member to get to our classroom, A543, at least 10 minutes early to set up the presentation in advance.

Good luck, everyone! As always, get in touch with your questions about the project & presentation.

~Prof. Leonard

Progress reports for online documentation projects

One person from each group should fill out the progress report in class today. On Wednesday, we’ll determine the order of presentations, so groups should discuss which day they would like to present: Monday, May 18 (2 groups) or Wednesday, May 20 (3 groups). Questions about the project or presentation? Please get in touch!

~Prof. Leonard

Looking ahead to May 11 – 13

Next week groups will work on their documentation projects in A540, the library’s eclassroom. On Monday, May 11 all groups will submit a short progress report, and on Wednesday, May 13 we will determine the order of group presentations, which will take place on May 18 and May 20. The final research paper is due on Monday, May 11 by the beginning of class – good luck, everyone, and don’t wait until Sunday night to contact me with any questions.

~Prof. L.

The online documentation project – guidelines & groups

Today we reviewed the Online Documentation Project guidelines and formed working groups; each group of 2 or 3 students will create a research tool, an information resource, or a research game. Wednesday will be a group work day and we’ll meet in A540, the library’s e-classroom, so groups can make use of the computers there to work on their OpenLab project sites.


Research Tool: Crystal, Pavel, Kendrick

Research Game:

  1. Kelly, Alessandra, Jay
  2. Adonas, Jonathan, Daniel
  3. Elfatih, Steeve

Information Resource: Wil, Orany

Don’t forget – the final version of the research paper is due on Monday, May 11. Questions about either assignment? Get in touch!

~Prof. Leonard