Search engine and sources

Joseph Goebbels told once that lie repeated million times became a true. Apperently that’s what happened in case of ‘ritual abuse’  and ‘google dilemma’. People always believe in what they want, and they always need somebody to blame too. Mass media is the tail which is swinging with the dog of course, but it’s still a dogs tail, in other words, media not reflected something, which is not appropriate by society , and society on the other hand, always use mass media as a mirror. In case of search engine precedents people should not to forget that actually web structure created by people, same as tools for searching information in the web and control quality of information, it’s all man maid and as a result not perfect at all.

1 thought on “Search engine and sources

  1. AMorales

    While I was scrolling over my classmates posts, the first sentence that Pavel typed grabbed my attention. It’s unfortunate, but in my experience true that the more something is said, a number of people will believe that over the truth.

    Also in the media I have seen times where a story will continue to get coverage and talked about for some time while there are other things taking place in the world, possibly not appropriate for society to see on television.

    Lastly I do agree that not everything made by man is perfect. There are times where technology for both myself, and others I know failing us at the most inconvenient times.


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