Nirel Escalante – March 24

This ad is for sephora introducing their “Identify as we” campaign commercial. The ad shows various people from various backgrounds including disabled , transgender, poc,  women, girls, boys , men and the LGBTQ community. While personally I found the commercial uplifting, inclusive and welcoming, a lot of people did not like it. At the end of the video it lists various pronouns, since pronouns are a topic of debate in society, the ad was seen as controversial.

This commercial for pepsi had a lot of people angry because they are clearly pandering to people of color, and activists yet they are not protesting anything in particular. They are using protesting as an aesthetic choice rather than to take a stance. Even worse, Kendall Jenner a white famous celebrity is the one to save the day by simply giving a cop a pepsi. It was a commercial posing itself to care about social justice issues and the fact that there was various people of color in the ad and Kendall a white famous privileged woman was the one to save the day was uncomfortable to a lot of people.

controversial nike ad

Nike launched an advert featuring the American quarterback Colin Kaepernick who at the time was known for protesting over the American national anthem during football games. He was trying to bring attention to the injustices that African Americans face.  The tag line  says “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”. I believe this ad was successful because it comes from a genuine person who did not do this for the purpose of the ad but out of his own actions.

Gelek Samphel_March 24

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United Colors Of Benetton’s ads are full of diverse elements that are very rare in the 1980s and 1990s and involve topics such as racial discrimination, religious conflicts, various political issues, and even AIDS that seem to have nothing to do with fashion. Benetton teases leaders of several countries on the theme of “unhate”. Pretty embarrassing for these mighty leaders kiss each other on weekdays! The brand has strong humanistic care and faces the audience with the most authentic and original appearance. Boldly present the contradictions and realities of the real world.

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November 2018, Originally on the evening of the 21st, Shanghai would hold a fashion show called “The GreatShow”, The incident stems from a series of commercials recently released by D & G, in which clips of a model using chopsticks to eat pizza and pasta in strange poses are accused of discriminating against Chinese. Perhaps D&G never done any research on their market and arrogance took hold of them, this is very dangerous for the brand to be aware of its audience, however, I feel this ad was done purposely as some discriminatory statement of its designer was exposed on the internet, therefore, it is pretty questionable if this ad is done mistakenly or purposely.

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Colin Kaepernick has been a controversial figure in the United States for recent years. In August 2016, Kaepernick chose to kneel in protest of racial discrimination and judicial injustice in the United States during the NFL national anthem, which triggered an extensive discussion among NFL players, the league and even politics. He became a leader in fighting for the rights and was therefore considered “unpatriotic” by many people, including President Trump. However, this Controversial ad campaign helped Nike sales surged 31%. After Nike enabled Kaepernick to appear on the billboard, Trump immediately stepped forward and said that the move passed the wrong message. On social networks, many netizens dissatisfied with Nike’s advertising have expressed protests by burning shoes, discarding, and cutting labels. This campaign has perfectly presented its headline “Believe in something, Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Andy Cuevas – March 24

This ad is about how black women get overly sexualized and in this specific ad represent chocolate as most women can attest to unwarranted attention from men is occasionally flattering, sometimes amusing most time problematic.

This ad Urges children’s brands to implement inclusive marketing by ending the practice of marking children’s toys as “toy boys” or “for girls” in-store, print and online advertising materials.

This ad is about cultural identity and pandemic this ad informs the audience about what we are currently going through. A new Scientist is a science journal magazine whose goal is to inform. This type of Ad is right up their ally.

Jessica Lee- Mar 24th

This is an image that Dove uses for advertising.  As you can see Dove caters to all different types of bodies which also includes all types of genders. Their message is promoting self confidence, uniqueness, and authenticity.

Advertising Week is a company where they want people to know that they care about diversity. For this campaign, they used different types of hands. The message for using different types of hands is that, hands are an expression of who we are, what we do, and the story that tells people about us.

Shelter came out with this ad to help the homeless. Shelter is a charity for the homeless.  Here in this ad, you can see that anyone of any age and gender can become homeless.

Jessica Lee- Mar 17th

   Media is heavily used to pass on messages and influence people due to the growth of technology.  In “The Medium is the Message” by Marshall McCluhan, he states that “the medium is the message.”  What McCluhan means by this is that anything new that is introduced to us, we absorb it and then it changes how we function, like creating new jobs.  One example for this is that recently, there has been an increase of kiosks at fast food places which leads to a decrease of jobs for cashiers who take orders from people.  People will use those kiosks instead of going to the counter and ordering from there. 

   Technology has many great benefits however, it does lead to many other negative outcomes.  In McClauhan’s article, he mentions “…we want to get our bearings in our own culture, and have need to stand aside from bias and pressure exerted by any technical form of human expression.”  I believe that this means, our society wants to find our own selves or find where we stand in life and doing this, we have to resist the urge to be influenced by other people’s choices due to what we see in the media.  It is hard to do this, because as human beings we are easily influenced and when we see what is trending or what other people are in their lives it affects us. This is one of the negative outcomes due to technology that we go through as we are getting through life. 

     As designers, we are easily influenced by the media as well.  Since there will be new mediums that will appear, we will have to adapt to create new designs based on those new mediums.  Due to this, our “old” designs will no longer be trendy or in style.  However, it is a phase in our life where we are gathering new experiences and as we do, our designs will be dedicated to what we go through and it will be due to that time period. 

Jonathan Valero – March 24

This is an ad for Huda Beauty foundation showing the diversity of skin tones that their shades are available in. It also has women and men in the ad to show inclusivity of their product.


This is an older ad for the for the white variant of the PSP, playstation’s portable system, the issue is very apparent with a white person standing over and holding on to a black person the idea is that the white is superior to the black which for the system itself is fine but the execution had very obvious racial insensitivity.


This is an ad for the video game call of duty black ops that shows a gun fight showing people of all kinds of occupations genders and races to give the idea that anybody can play this game and have fun also shown in the title “There’s a solider in all of us”.

Alexis Vega Velez- March 23

This is an image of a billboard I saw located on Houston street between Lafayette and Crosby streets. It is Indya Moore’s Calvin Klein shoot. I picked this because the model you see in this advertisement is actually transgender and non-bionary. They stared in a series called “Pose” which helped give a voice to transgenders. Back in the day, movies use to place actual women to play transgender roles instead of transgenders themselves. I appreciate the fact that the world is finally noticing the different people in the world.

This is a screenshot of the official dove website present today. The majority of the website pictures feature women of color. Just one question: Is this towards more of a diversity aspect or is it more of a racial profiling aspect?

This is a screenshot of the Secret Deodorant commercial featured during the 2020 Super bowl. It displayed women equality in a scenerio where a game of football was taking place. After getting a touchdown two players took their helmets off to reveal a Caucasian woman and a African American woman. It is not only addressing gender equality, it is also addressing racial equality.

Islam Mahrouss March 24

 The makeup industry has always been under fire for not being inclusive of multiple skin tone colors in their products such as foundation, and especially now more aspects such as gender identity is growing in the makeup community. This advertisement Is for the makeup brand Milk. This brand is inclusive of all people and in this particular advertisement we can see how there are people of different genders, but also ethnicities.

Dior released a advertising campaign for one of their  men’s colognes called Sauvage. The commercial they released portrayed a Native American in classic regalia dancing, a girl wearing a wolf skin, and “We are the land”appears on the screen. This commercial caused a controversy for the brand because of how Native American culture was being portrayed. The name of the cologne is also offensive. Sauavge is a word that was used as justification for the genocide and violence against Native Americans. After the backlash Dior pulled the commercial and instead decided to only use print images of Johnny Depp who was the face of the cologne.

This advertisement by Gillette is inclusive in both race and gender. The commercial shows a trans gender person being taught how to shave by their father. This commercial was not only simple but also touches on an important topic, especially for a brand that’s target audience would appear to be cis gender men. Here we get to see how that is not the case and a representation of not just a different kind of man but also a African american person.

Please email: Online Class Sessions

Hi Everyone – the following is the same as an email you should have received on Thurs. Mar. 19. Reposting here to confirm that everyone has received and replied.

I wanted to provide you with an update for Tuesday, and ask you to reply with a little bit of info.

First the update: CUNY ended up brokering a deal with CISCO WEBEX to host our online class sessions. There has been a little bit of back-and-forth concerning the platform we’d use, and I apologize if you’ve spent time familiarizing yourself with Zoom. I know that some instructors are also using other platforms. But WEBEX is the platform that is now the standard for CUNY, and we’ll stick with it. Plus it seems like there is some really solid, intuitive functionality, not to mention a reliable APP that will allow you to log on from a mobile device.

You should have just received an invitation to join next Tuesday morning’s meeting via Cisco WebEx.

This leads to the Request for Reply: Please send me an email to as soon as you can, including the following:
– confirmation that you received the meeting notification from WebEx
– confirmation that you can attend this Tuesday’s class, or if not, please let me know
– the device that you plan to use to log in, ie. phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.
– any questions, concerns, issues you’re encountering

We want to make sure everyone is properly equipped to participate in these online classes. If you’re at all worried about your capacity to log in for class, please let me know. The department may have some devices available if that is an issue, and we are gauging the need for computer labs if absolutely necessary.

Looking forward to hearing back from everyone.

Tabarka Tamkin- March 24

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in that locale. Airbnb comes up with an idea about an ad campaign about the #weaccept. This ad is about the accepting diversity and acceptance. Today they are setting a goal to provide short-term housing for 100,000 people those in need in the period of five years. In this ad they are using differnet cultural identities to express and letting people know they are not alone. This ad campaign is a video that include various races, ages and different religious people’s close up that tells many things by looking at them. Airbnb is helping them to find a place to stay and also making then feel connected, respected, and a part of a community again.

Loreal is the world’s largest cosmetics company and they concentrate on cosmetics, beauty and Make-up products . The ad campaign that they work on is make-up ad and their headline is “This is an Ad for men”.This ad is rewarded with international awards.  In this ad, Loreal is giving both gender equality and diversity. It encourag the women to have measurement of the power of female leaders. As Germany became aware of giving equal pay and equal career opportunities. Loreal Paris also started this by giving the power to female leaders to run International Women’s Day in business magazines and economic online news.  As for men, they have the power to make decision. it shows the benefits of a more diverse leadership increase in profitability, more creative changes and higher employees opportunities.

This is a magazine cover of a National Geographic where they use a picture of a biracial twin sisters who were fraternal twins but non identical twins. However, two sisters are as genetically similar to each other as any other pair of sisters. Millie’s hair and skin became black, while her sister Marcia become pale and blonde. Marcia inherite more of her mother’s physical characteristics, and Millie more of her father’s. The magazine cover has title about the twins sisters “Black and White” with with explaination “These twins sisters make us rethink eveything we know about race”. The National Geographic is focusing on the issue to talk about the race and they also shared twins sisters experience on race in magazine and they also made a video on it.