May 5th final project idea

Title – Playstation influence on games of today

Ruimel Graham – Mar 31st / Apr 14th

Polysemy- a word or phrase has several meanings, you can describe that word

Linguistic – many aspects of human language

Connoted -imply or suggest

Denoted- Be a sign of; indicate

Ontology – the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being

euphoric – characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness.

quasi – having some, but not all of the features of

tautological – formula or assertion that is true in every possible interpretation

Anchorage – make things easier back to your understanding.

Rhetoric Ideology -Images has cultural meanings

3 messages

The linguistic message

The denoted image

Coded and non-coded messages


Ruimel Graham – March 24th

This Dove commercial is one of most iconic ad about inner beauty. The ad is about how people view others than how they view themselves. The message is too uplift people about their self beauty. The sketch artist drew what the woman think of themselves then relived at the end how the sketch artist really view the woman when he seen them. The ones that the woman describe themselves was “ugly” than the ones that people views them.

This is an ad for Heineken. Back in 2018, Heineken posted an ad how a bartender pass a beer to a white woman that passes 3 other black people at first then uses a tag line “Sometimes, lighter is better.” People could look as this as racist. To me I think people are sensitive because if you seen in the first clips the woman look thirsty and others 3 black people didn’t look thirsty, they look happy and quench. The bartender pass the beer to the woman that look thirsty. As for the tag line it showing that the beer is lightweight not heavy, it’s so light that it can be pass in long distance compare to an object that’s heavy.

Back in 2019, Gucci releases an sweater that offended a lot of people. The sweater remind people of “blackface”. During slavery the whites uses black faces to make fun of black people appearance on tv, shows, and movies. It’s offensive for black people. This can be seen as racist especially during this time of age where slavey been over.


Ruimel Graham March 17

The excerpt Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, the author,  Marshall McLuhan, describes that media and technology has been an long term effect for humans. Media and Technology is helpful for human. Media helps people communicate through the internet. As I was reading the excerpt, I can agree with McLuhan on how media change people ways. Technology help media to be advance. One of the biggest influence that media has a impact on is our phones.

Phones help people communicate all around the world. Media is apart of advanced technology. Instead of writing a letter that would take days to be receive, a person could send text within 1 sec back and forth. Faster communication is key to the media. The term “The medium is the message” is being as content. The word “Message” that was used lot in the article was a key word for human senses. The author also explain that media is good but don’t let it control you. As the media grows the more control it has upon us.

Almost every where you go a person is stuck to their phone but it’s to not to be. Almost everything you wanna see is on one device. Everything that’s happening in the world right now can be seen on one device. Through out the years technology has become more advanced. Technology in media has become humanity’s best invention. Media helps designers like us to get our name out to the world. Todays’s society social media is a best way to get your work seen. Also social media is a way to make money and start a business. Since socializing with others isn’t a thing anymore. More people connect with each through social media.

Ruimel Graham – March 10

What I learned from the articles that typography crated by using science, math, and beauty. Most people went by the beauty of a image back then which was cool but in reality everyone need clarity to be able to see to read. As time go by modern technology advances better quality. Math is very important because it balance how many things you need to create a product to figure out how long how tall for things to be even out. Science is also important because scientific knowledge creates new technology. Science and math work together as one.

The article, Jan Tschichold, of The New Typography (1928), believes in that the New Typography has clarity than the old typography which was more focus on the beauty aspects. Old typography was more freely way of art and a free way to express an individual through type. Clarity for the new typography has rules. As a designer you want to grab people attention, match with theme of an art work that shows entitlement. Designer are also considers as problem solver. In the article Karl Gerstner, Designing Programmes (1964).  According to the article designing means to pick out determining elements and combine them. The reason why design is created to help ideas come to life, and bring out the creativity in a form of art.

Before designing, there’s an important aspect which is grid, Designing a grid before designing is important because it give a professional layout on to place things in the right way and not just all over the place. Josef Müller-Brockmann, Grid and Design Philosophy (1981), believes in building a grid before designing. “This is the expression of a professional ethos: the designer’s work should have the clearly intelligible, objective, functional, and aesthetic quality of mathematical thinking.”. according to the article. Also show value into your art work

Ruimel Graham – February 25th

Art can be expression through human creative skills and imagination. Art can come from different forms and elements like three-dimensional, encloses volume, having length, width, and height, shape. One important movement was”Bauhaus”. Bauhaus was created in 1919. Walter Gropius was the founder and director for Bauhaus. In the reading, Walter Gropius; The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus (1923), Gropius explain on one of his theory that being isolated when creating art can you become a better artist. Being a self taught artist can make you not forget concepts , see your mistakes, and become more aware.

In the reading, László Moholy-Nagy; Typophoto (1925), the author explain his theory on typophoto which is type mix in with photos. What is typophoto? “Typography is communication composed in type. Photography is the visual presentation of what can be optically apprehended. Typophoto is the visually most exact rendering of communication”, according to the reading. Typography was used a lot in posters, ads, and photos. The author shows the reader that using typophoto can communicate with humans. This is another way of art. During the Bauhaus era, this help Typophoto to expand.

Lastly, in the reading , Herbert Bayer; On Typography (1967). Bayer was graphic designer, painter, photographer, sculptor, art director, environmental and interior designer, and architect but he is mostly known for his type Bauhaus. Bayer is one of the creator for the Bauhaus font. The font looks like geometric shapes.  On the first line, the author said “typography is a service art, not a fine art” this can mean that this type of font is worth paying then worth free. Service is paying. Paying for art means it has value then compare to something that is free which is express freely.


Ruimel Graham February 18

Advanced technology can help build a better future. Each generations technology is becoming more advanced but some technology can to be build for violence. In the readings, “Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism (1909)”, the author wanted to used advanced technology for mass destruction. On number 9 of the author stated that “9. We want to glorify war – the only cure for the world – militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of the anarchists, the beautiful ideas which kill, and contempt for woman”. Number 10 he also stated that ” We want to demolish museums and libraries, fight morality, feminism and all opportunist and utilitarian cowardice”. To me looks like he want to destroy important places for humans being and create more war.

The readings, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Varvara Stepanova, Aleksei Gan, Who We Are: Manifesto of the Constructivist Group (c. 1922) The author believes that advanced technology could help the world in peace. According to the article, Rodchenko was an a constructor, an assembler, more engineer than artist. Rodchenko collaborated with his wife Varvara Stepanova on some of his projects, One quote that caught my attention, was ” Artists relax with technology ” I can relate to this quote because most graphic designers bring their art work come to life by using technology.

The excerpt, “El Lissitzky, Our Book (1926)” the author explains that El Lissitzky  predicted continuing of the dematerialization of society. Each generations a new technology is develop and becoming more advanced. On the first line of the article, the author said “Every invention in art is a single event in time, has no evolution”. In my thoughts I think he means every invention that was created has its own time period from closer to the next we invention. The invention of phone, television, computer, and radio is occurring in our society as we speak and can be considered as dematerialization.

Ruimel Graham -Februray 11

linguistics the scientific study of language and its structure, including the study of morphology, syntax, phonetics, and semantics, according to . The excerpt, “Ferdinand de Sausurre’s Course in General Linguistics”, teaches the reader different aspects of language. How humans communicate with each in everyday living.

The excerpt also shows the reader different scopes of linguistics. 1. to describe and trace the history of all observable languages, which amounts to tracing the history of families of languages and reconstructing as far as possible the mother language of each family, which means different generations has different kinds of speaking language but still has a relatable past of language. For example a kid might talk different to his parents than to his friends.  2. to determine the forces that are permanently and universally at work in all languages, and to deduce the general laws to which all specific historical phenomena can be reduced; arid. Different parts of world may speak differently but it’s similar to another. Lastly, 3. to delimit and define itself. Im guessing language defines itself from words that’s being spoken of.

Being a graphic designer relates to language because when doing a project you want to convey a message by showing your visions through an art piece. An designer want their work to speak and let people communicate through the piece. Communicating as a graphic designer is 2 things, verbally and visually.