Food hall

When i went to plaza food hall I experienced a lot of great things for example,I visited the bakery. There was a lot of different foods there and things I wanted to try for example, the cake, a slice of cake was $6 but because I had check out other things. The people there were so nice and they helped me because I got lost going around the different food stations, I didn’t want to try the lobster soup because I do not like seafood. The dessert tasted like a waffle with whip cream and strawberries and the place smelled like cooked meats and was really sweet but delicious at the same time . The dessert was so soft and moth like when i tasted it , it melted in my mouth like you could taste how it was made and what ingredients they used . In the bakery the air is more delicious than any flavour. Somehow the aroma captures everything good in there: the filter coffee, the various cakes, the danish pastries. The blend is perfection, but as a mixture of flavours they would be terrible- coffee-cake-pastry, I don’t think so somehow. It’s the kind of place I can sit in for hours, the air so perfumed without chemicals. I wish I could eat it, that my palate was as sophisticated as my sense of smell.

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