Logo Branding


Software produce audio and translation formats.

My internship is always teaching me new things. One of the many things I learned throughout my internship was how to put your logo onto different types of marketing materials. This is what we call ” placing a lead order.” Essentially, customers would come to a print shop and we would guide them. For example, last week a customer came in and ask us what kind of marketing materials we offer. He wanted to put his logo onto pens. This was my first time doing this. The way it works is pretty easy actually. The first thing you do is vectorize the logo. You would use illustrator for this. The second thing you do Is adjust the logo to the printing area. After that, you export the logo and download the template. For pens the template is 4×0.6.

When that is done, the next step is to use a printing pad. Since a pen can not go through the printer like a regular 8.5 by 11 we use what’s called a printing pad. After adjusting the logo onto the printing template, you can go right ahead and print. It only takes about one to two minutes. This is a really good skill to put onto your resume.

Person Holding a Brown Pen · Free Stock Photo (pexels.com)