Collaborative Project Christmas Edition

Christmas is one of the most annoying holidays In all of history. However, working in the print and marketing department is a chaotic experience. As we prepare for the upcoming holidays, each store is, tasked with two design challenges.
The first challenge as a team is designing a toy donation poster. We do this together, and we all give out ideas in sketches. The majority of the team doesn’t do graphic design, but some of us do. We start by sketching different ideas and then hold a group meeting. In which we all trade ideas. We start combining ideas and mixing what we do and do not like. After all, is said and done, we pick the best idea. Then we start designing. I personally love this challenge because everyone is working on it together. Even though I find the holidays stressful and annoying, I believe that the poster makes us feel like a family.

The second challenge is individual. In this challenge, we create the store’s Christmas cards. Everyone on the team designs their version of the store’s Christmas card. Two weeks before Christmas, the managers vote on which one they like the best. Usually, this challenge is the best. I start designing a little earlier since I have access to adobe software at school and at home. I do not have to share the computers at work. This year the inspiration for my design is new beginnings and celebration.  Last year, my manager and I worked on a Christmas card together and submitted it as a team. We got praise for it, which was nice to hear.