When I did my interview for staples, I wasn’t nervous at all. I had a lot of career courses in high school that prepared me for this interview. It was also a retail job, so I wasn’t scared. I was interviewed, by Jose he is the sales manager for the whole store. He just asked me basic questions. When he saw that I had graphic design experience on my resume his eyes lit up. He told me, there was an opportunity at copy and print and if I could impress him in the next six months I can get promoted. Which I did. My supervisor has been a great help and I love my team.

I do a lot of marketing material for small businesses and a lot of design edits. Printing is not for the weak.

I enjoy in-person interviews more than I do zoom interviews. I feel that zoom interviews don’t alow you to show off your true personality. I shine bright when i am in person and can show movement and just feel more human.