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    For this semester, I will be working with the print and marketing department at staples. I have been working for them for the past two years, it has been a pretty good experience. The store is on metropolitan ave. There are six of us working in the department from Monday to Sunday. The primary goal of the print and marketing department is to provide small business print solutions for their business. We get customers from all walks of life. We get doctors who own their practice, and lawyers who need promotional flyers to promote their new law firm.

  • The article I found, ” Shutterstock And US Retail Join Forces To Power A New Interactive Design Experience For Small Business Owners”, speaks on something that goes with my design experience. In a new deal, the P&M department will help customers create beautiful, compelling marketing materials with access to high-quality Shutterstock images. This is great because a lot of small businesses do not know about stuff like this. Especially, minority small businesses. In another article, ” Ā Business Empowerment Platform wiseHer Team Up to Launch the Big Small Business Boost Contest.” Giving back to the community by boosting smallĀ businessesĀ is an amazing opportunity that you don’t see big cooperations do often. SmallĀ businessesĀ from all across America will have theĀ chanceĀ to enter andĀ will be selected to win $5,000. The gift cards will allow them to purchase marketing material, signage material, ship products, or stock up on supplies