Working anywhere, you are going to learn a lot of things. The biggest lesson I have learned through working at my internship has been empathy. I have noticed that most people have the “Until it Happens to You” syndrome, meaning societal problems don’t exist in their minds since it does not affect them personally. There has been a recent discussion on empathy being one of the foundations of ethics. Practicing empathy will usually ground your discussion and resolve many conflicts.

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The tips I learned throughout my time here are, to not just listen to people but to understand them. Show empathy by echoing the answers you are about to give them. Tell real stories so you can build a relationship with customers. Remember names and faces. People love when you remember them. I did business cards for this small business 2 years ago, and when they came back a year later, the way their faces lit up when I told them I remember their situation last time was amazing. Lastly, be true to yourself and true to others. Be honest and transparent about anything you do and say.