Another day at work

Every day is a new day. Every day you learn something new. My internship has been nothing but a wild ride. I have learned so much about the printing world. It has changed the way I do graphic design now. For instance, for every project I do now, I always print it out to see if the type is too big or too small, the biggest and most important lesson this internship has taught me is communication. As designers, we work with a lot of face-to-face and phone communication with clients or other departments. It’s important, to sharpen your salesmanship, pitches and public speaking, phone skills, networking, client relationship building, active listening, body language, etc.

Lastly, learning new skills and learning new things are amazing ways to get noticed more. For instance, my internship is teaching me how to animate videos for digital marketing ads. At first, I was nervous and scared because I have never animated anything. My supervisor decided to teach me something new so I, can get this particular job done. We were creating a short animated video for a laundry mat. What we decided to do was to make the logo spin in circles to show clothes being washed. It was an overall great experience, and it’s something I will be applying to my portfolio projects.