Work culture

Working in the print and marketing department, we do not have a dress code. Wait, yes, we do. We do not have a uniform. However, we have to wear all black, This is because our name tags are red, so the color bright red looks so good. I wear a black sweater in the cold and a black t-shirt in the summer. We work in an open space. We are all surrounded by big printers. The department is, split into two sections. One section is the full-service section, in which we are behind the counter. The other section of the department is the self-serve area. This is where the printers are for customers who want to make copies and print stuff out.

The typical Employee hours are usually 6 to 7 hours. The majority of the time we have to work overtime because it gets really busy. Sometimes I can start the week with 30 hours, and by the end of the week I end up with 40 hours. The whole team is pretty amazing. When its lunchtime, the opener goes on lunch break first. Then the person who comes in for the mid, then the second mid. And finally, the person who closes the department is the last to go on break.