I teach a number of courses at CityTech, ranging from highly technical courses on materials and building construction to design courses at both the second year and fourth year levels. Note that some of the courses I have taught are no longer offered due to our change of curriculum.

I am a significant participant in the development of our first two Building Technology Courses, and I served as the coordinator for these two courses since they were first offered in spring semester, 2012 until the spring of 2018, when I became the coordinator of the new ARCH 1231 Building Technology I.

Openlab Link for my Opelab Course Sites 

ARCH 1100 Drawing 1

ARCH 1130 Building Technology I

ARCH 1140 Materials of Construction

ARCH 1230 Building Technology II

ARCH 1240 Methods of Construction

ARCH 1231 Building Technology I


 ARCH 2311 Architecture Design Studio III

ARCH 2411 Design IV

ARCH 4710 Urban Design

ARCH/FMGT 4880 Space Planning