ARCH 2311 Architecture Design Studio III

I developed new course materials for ARCH 2310 to guide students through their first comprehensive design studio (see course OpenLab sites for 3 semesters here: Fall 2016, Summer 2016, Spring 2016)  Learning from experience of student challenges staying on task, time management, and following a structured design process in the course, I developed a scaffolded approach with a series of small assignments (see course planner here ). that lead students through the design process, seeing stronger results in the student’s building design, spatial development, structural integration, and site design. Student e-portfolio’s are used both as a type of learning log and the means of documenting and presenting the design process for faculty of subsequent design courses’ reference.

Link to PDF of syllabus: 2310 syllabus fall2016_revised`

Student Modeling:

Student Presentation Boards:




Links to student e-portfolios:

Course Planner with sample scaffolded assignments:

Class Planner: ARCH2310 Class Planner_Day to Day_2016_02