ARCH 1231 Building Technology I

I authored this course that is the current revised first Building Technology course in our four course sequence. I am the course coordinator. This required course is offered to students in the second semester of their first year.

This course is an introduction to basic materials of construction and the fundamental principals of hand drafting and system analysis. The coursework includes surveying existing conditions, development of plans, elevations, and sections, and basic details as well as the study of material properties and applications. This course combines class discussions based on the readings, site investigations, and drawing labs. Students are required to maintain a combined notebook/sketchbook for all readings and site investigations. Students learn to develop architectural drawings by hand as well as using digital tools.

While this course is technically focused on building science and architectural drawing, it also supports students general education skills development, with great emphasis on active and effective reading and note-taking. We have coordinated ALL sections of the course through the READ program, with regular pre- and post-assessments measuring the efficacy of our reading support throughout the semester.

This course also applies place-based learning, using the city as a laboratory for experiential learning. First-hand learning experiences have high impacts and help the students’ engage and construct knowledge through active learning.

This course design reflects much of my experience in general education initiatives as well as integration my teaching philosophy and methods. For example, a concept map is included in the syllabus as a starting point for visualizing the RELATIONSHIPS between the concepts and topics. This begins to model critical activities the students apply to their reading and note-taking.

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