Professional / Creative Works

2009 – Present

These projects represent the breadth and depth of my professional work since joining the faculty at Citytech. The architectural projects all demand both developing a creative vision as well as solving intricate technical details. This must be done under the watchful eye of the client who is intimately involved in every design and financial decision throughout the duration of the project. Successful architectural projects must always achieve a balance between these issues such that the client is satisfied not only at the moment of completion, but over the long term use of the building.

Urban design projects offer an opportunity to apply broad theory and experience of the built environment to a specific place. I believe that the most critical component of urban design is “place making” which builds on the existing local natural and physical environment as well as the culture, traditions, and social activity of the people in the region.  The urban design projects here show my application of my theoretical approach to diverse settings, including Abu Dahbi waterfront, the rural lands of West Virginia and Haiti, and the urban coast south of Los Angelos.

              09-551_LuluIslandVillageConceptDesignSummary_master plan                       TMA_JAM_2012_summit_7          20130710Smith_initial design_first floor_small scale