Photography club.


So apart from working on the newsletter, I am in charge of the photography club that is being offered to students during after school. Now we don’t have the best equipment and space available so I try to make it work. We have about 3 crappy digital cameras that I am for certain are older than the students at my job, so I took the liberty(and huge risk) of using my own camera with the kids to try and show them cool little tricks they can do with just a few settings. At first the students were not interested and started voicing their regrets about choosing this club, but soon after showing them what was possible, they were quick to jump on board and try their hand at the “painting” and also the camera itself. Now the club only runs for 45 minutes, so it is extremely difficult to try and condense any lesson plan that I can create to fit that time frame, I’m still getting the hang of progressing a lesson and keeping their attention but I think I’ll  be able to get in the groove of things by checking out some online resources and just being aware of any mistakes that I make. Also, my supervisor informed me that visitors from the ICP (International Center of Photography) are going to stop by in a week to check out our program and if they like what they see, they’re going to give us a grant for about $10,000 in order to have actual cameras, equipment and classes available to have a full on photography class for the students. She wants me to speak with them just to inform them about my part in the photography club.