International Center of Photography


Aside from my duties as the photography club instructor and design intern, I also have a self defense class for the students that attend the program. In the middle of my class with the students, my supervisor, director and three other people came inside. My director informed me that those three people were in fact from the International Center of Photography and were here to check out our program in consideration for a grant that would allow our students to have a much more stronger photography class with full equipment and broader lesson plans. I made my way towards the three people, two males and one female and introduced myself. I started to describe my experience running this humble photography club, it started off as an idea from myself. I was a bit nervous at first because although I have a solid understanding of photography, we had little to no equipment for the students to have a true hands on experience. I mentioned how I bring in my own equipment for the students to use, my current major in school, and threw in a few jokes here and there to break the ice. They seemed impressed with how quick I was able to respond to their questions and references to famous photographers. After about a five minute chat, they had to leave and I went back to my self defense class with the students. At the end of the day, my director yells from across the hallway at me “They gave us the grant! we got it! you’re the best!”, I tried my best to demonstrate top tier humility and keep a cool image, but I pretty much met her with the same reaction. Our program is now receiving a grant for over $10,000 in photography equipment and lessons and I like to say that, it was all me.