As far as tutorials and classes online go, nothing can top Skillshare, while not necessarily a standalone app, Skillshare is a full learning community for anyone who loves to create. There are a countless amount of premium tutorials and classes available for a reasonable price. You can go with the monthly membership at $10 a month or the yearly at $8 a month, that is around 20% of savings and the most popular option( There is a promotion available right now for new customers that provide 3 months of premium membership for only .99 cents!) This is a great resource for anyone looking to build their portfolio or maybe someone who’s looking to teach people around the world from the comfort of their home while earning royalties to even better their productions.

Now I know you’re going to ask, and yes, there are student discounts. Normally for the year it is $96 but with a student discount, you will only pay $48! that is literally half the price with all the features! Forget clothes, shoes, or food(well maybe not food) and get this app(the app is also free and has a bunch of free classes/tutorials available but premium is always better!)