A basic start

I have exchanged emails with my supervisor that informed me of an upcoming service event. Although not fully finalized I have begun speculating the type of event that it’ll be. We normally partake in events that require hands on interaction, be it cleaning up around Floyd Bennett Field, or serving food, or even delivering gifts as we did during Christmas eve. As for service event notices, we receive very plain emails with a list of details such as dates, locations and what the service is about. My supervisor wants to spruce things up by developing news letters so that other Americorp members can enjoy what they’re reading regarding our events. As I mentioned in a previous post, this internship correlates with my current job as an after school program aid and one of the requirements my position calls for is Literacy and the development of parent and student engagement events within my site. Our latest one is a water donation to help the citizens of Flint, Michigan. We ask the students and parents to donate water in any amount they can to be sent to those in need. I was assigned my first task which was to develop a flyer that will be printed and handed/posted around my site to inform others of this cause. Communication by emails within this internship are extremely fast, I normally wait about half a day or more to receive responses but here, I receive feedback and responses within minutes, it might be not be a big deal for some but this is honestly exciting.