Lunch and Attire


It wasn’t until now that I realized that I have yet to describe the atmosphere of my work environment. There is a lounge on the second floor equipped with a microwave, fridge and coffee machine (aside from the Macbooks, that is the most popular machine around here). I normally pack my own food but there are days where I’m just rushing out my house so I can make it to work on time or times where I’m just a bit lazy. Even with this lounge, oddly enough I don’t normally eat my lunch there, I just usually eat and work at the same time in the office. I have a few coworkers, but they don’t usually eat in the office. I have bought a box of donuts a few times for my fellow coworkers and supervisor, they are definitely not shy then, they’re very appreciative. As for attire, there is no dress code other than when it’s time to work with the students, we put on a blue staff shirt, or if you’re  an Americorps member, the grey hoodie is good to go too. For most of the day I’m wearing my regular clothes, as an Americorps member with a 675 hour contract, I have a way more flexible schedule since I’m being paid through a stipend and not by the actual corporation I’m working at. I’m always the go to guy when my supervisor needs someone to come in early or stay in late.