Program Photographer News letter update


It just seems like more and more tasks are being directed to me, considering that I lead the photography club on Wednesdays, I have been meeting with other program specialist and day time teachers to allow me to stop into their lessons and take some photos in order to highlight the student accomplishments every week, in order to give the news letter the content it needs. Since I don’t officially start my regular job until 3:00 PM, that gives me enough time from 9 AM to go around to classrooms and take pictures of the students that are doing STEM projects and other activities, and also retouching the photos.


This is the current state of the newsletter, I was really restricted in regards to the color palette but that is normal when you’re dealing with clients (in this case my boss). I had to send a copy of this to not only my boss but also my supervisor, since my other responsibilities include working with others on designing flyers and posters for Americorp events. You may notice that both bodies of text are the exact same copy, but that was just to show my supervisor how the placement of text works within this design, the placement of photos could use a bit more work but this is still the early stages. I also got the news that this newsletter won’t be in circulation until the next semester now due to the idea being implemented into the program a bit too late, but there will be a trial run of this to see how well it does within the program and how well the students and teachers respond to it.