Got it! Hello Americorps.


Badge of Honor

After a few weeks with no luck, I decided to have a chat with my supervisor Rachel from my job. As I mentioned before, I work for an after-school program as an AmeriCorps member, which is a civil society program that is funded by the U.S. Federal Government, corporations and other donors that engage young and older adults in community service work that promote the development of community relations. As a member, depending on your status, after your completion of required hours you receive an education reward for up to $5,750 that can be put towards tuition, graduate classes and even existing student loans. Many Americorp positions include after-school tutoring, home development, and reception work. I am a part-time Americorps member and my position in this service is in after-school tutoring. My professor told me to ask if there is a graphic design department within my service where I can volunteer as a student. Not only would this satisfy my internship needs, it would also be beneficial to my hours within AmeriCorps and it will fit perfectly into my busy schedule. I sent an email to my supervisor asking about any available positions, she was able to respond quickly and informed me that there was something available during Thursdays and Fridays. My responsibilities will include helping with the design of our newsletters, site flyers, and our monthly service event flyers. There is little design aspect to these things and I’m pretty excited to finally be able to input my own ideas into them.