First assignment.

So as far as  my assigned tasks go, they’re relatively the same as before but now that I’m volunteering/interning with the graphics department at my current job, there are a few new jobs for me to do. Firstly, the newsletter. There are no real design elements in these newsletters that we send to parents and if it doesn’t look nice, no one will notice it and no one will care to read it. As an idea I suggested that we add photos and highlights of the week from each group in their activities. Since it’ll be a new concept, my photography club will be the first installment in the newsletter and will cover our new claymation project. Since we print in house, I am slightly limited to color choices so I need to work closely with the printer available to figure out the best color options(if I even have any…). And as for the second task, I need to develop some flyers for an upcoming event in June. But I’ll cover that in the next post.