Devil Wears Prada..

Nigel: [talking about Andy] Who is that *sad* little person? Are we doing a before-and-after piece I don’t know about?

When I first entered Fullbeauty that part of the scene of devil wears prada got to me, I was andy and I wasn’t very stylish. I was introduced to everyone and I was nervous, I met most of everyone in the creative team a few of the creatives already have established a friendship with each other since hence they’ve all been there for more than 6 years. I meet one particular character she was very sarcastic and began to say  hi you will soon hate me!  I began to show a bit of fear, but kept my composure and began to think maybe she gives people too much work.

Everyone was dressed in business casual, but some go beyond that. My supervisor karen I’ve noticed would come in heels if she were to have a meeting with the higher ups, but for creative meetings she would come to work in a relaxed matter. Many of the other women had heels on and or flats, and I came with my regular shoes and a collar shirt with letters all over them, I try not to fall in that fashionable category because that isn’t who I am I want to show diversity with my clothing but also in my creativity. The work space is open, you’re able to see everyone and what they are doing, but also be able to communicate effectively without any communication issue.

At the beginning of each day there are already various individuals working, they come in usually around 8 or so to leave a bit earlier than most. My supervisor karen comes in at 9 and adjusts herself to prep for her morning routine which is to relax and start working at 10, since there is no punch card everyone is obligated to manually put in their hours, what’s great about that is if you leave early after finishing all your work at the end of every friday you can just say that you worked a full 8 hrs. I’ve noticed not many people leave early but stay later to look over final prints, shoots and also web mockups.

When it comes to lunch you’re able to go off to lunch when ever you remember we have a 1hr break of lunch but no one counts, I usually eat at my desk like most of the creatives. Luckily we have a cafeteria and also more food options all the way at the basement floor, we have an option to stay on the 13th floor to eat but many would rather just eat in front of their desk.



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