Sitting in front of my desk thinking I wasn’t going to be making the 100 mark, well I guess I am! After reviewing my sheet and counting down the hours but also realizing I stay an extra hr at work finalizing work and assisting my supervisor that I would be willing to make the 100 mark. Even though this is a 9-5 job I stay an extra hr reviewing and finalizing any little detail that I know that needs to be tweaked the next day.

This morning I was able to speak to my supervisor about the grading sheet, but I wanted to know first hand if I was doing good job or a bad job. Lets just say I’m fantastic! I was glad to hear that I am doing a good job, Since my internship is to end around september I am able to extended it 3 more months from what she has told me.  My supervisor was explaining that I can stay here for a whole year If I wanted to, my plan is to stay at least a whole year. I was told that it is a great way to network and know everyone individually but also be able to get a job when the opportunity hits.

After the personal talk she showed me the presentation that the creative director made for the higher ups ( basically the owner of the company).  My supervisor is wanting me to showcase the work I’ve done so far for fullbeauty, she says that many of the interns she had didn’t get that far with having concepts being used to be executed in a full blown presentation. Today has been nothing but good news and I’m here stressing out.



Not in…

Working at Fullbeauty under roaman’s has been an eye opening experience, from the minimal supervision to the ability to interact as one of the colleagues here, I was able to speak with my supervisor towards the grading sheet, she had a sense of humor to the point that she smirked and said “jen you have failed.” All jokes aside she said that she differentiates herself from all the other employees from fullbeauty because she wants to educate the intern as if they are actually doing real work that will be printed rather than have them do work that the others don’t want to do, we both agreed that when individuals do that they aren’t teaching their interns as much but be second rather than first.

Over the course of time that I have been here ‘I’ve felt as one of the team, I feel like I say this a lot.. But I do, there are times that it feels a bit lonely but certain things happen and then I start to appreciate being here even more. Being able to work on certain projects but as well interact with different individuals makes my day go by even more smoothly. The current project that I am working on is the design of the gift cards, even though my supervisor wasn’t in I was able to communicate with her via text and have her guide me to the proper file locations to start creating the designs of the gift cards. At the end of the day I was able to get various design concepts completed to allow variety and also to showcase that I was able to accomplish tasks with little supervision.



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Email Blasts.

Working on the email blasts, was an amazing experience why because I was working with a template. But the difference was that I added a certain detail that they all added towards all their designs. That box, that box is supposed to give the designs a fashionable flair but also a cohesive adjustable design that they can use online and off. They believe that this box would be the answer to all of their problems, which are contents that are too long for circular or odd shaped designs.

When I approached the designers at the meeting with a design that the art director and I have come up with, they were happy to see that there was something different and unique that they didn’t have in their current templates.  When the meeting was to be over they had another project that they needed to be accomplished, the creative director thought that it would be a good idea to assign me to a project that would be soon due and shown to the higher ups.




I’ve gone through so many meetings that I as an intern feel even important having to walk in with everyone else. The current meeting we had was a small one, It was with the marketing department well with one individual in that department, she wanted my supervisor to create a splash banner for a sale that is coming up with a timer. My supervisor felt that I was able to handle this task, since she has seen me work rather quickly on small items that were on the list for the big thursday meeting. That same day I was at another meeting 30 mins after the first one, all the creatives had to show their progress and any changes they made to certain contents, I as well had certain parts to present, promo samples (basically tags) on how they would look on different models. The creative director was impressed that all the designers were in the same design mentality on placing boxes in the design, the creative director chosen two of the designs to present on the big thursday meeting each with different style but showing continuity. While at the same meeting I’ve noticed that I have been sitting between the art director and creative director and my supervisor intentionally does that, don’t know why, maybe to let the creative director see me as one of them. Besides that in the meeting she began to talk towards any other designs and how the head honchos wanted to bring back gift cards, all this while I was writing notes, she spoke out and said “ I don’t know why I’m looking at jen, but jen can you do these gift card designs” and of course I agreed. 

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Devil wears prada…v2

If you’ve seen the movie, you would think working in fashion is exactly the same, tight deadlines and print mishaps. Well in the position I’m in I don’t have to worry towards those bugs. Since I am working on web content and email blasts things are simple, and everything is based off a template that the art director has given to everyone.

Some of the work that I’ve done deal with the web since I am the creative web intern, I am still doing graphic design work, but its mostly for the web. My supervisor is a kind person, she guides me thru the steps that deal with trying to complete a project. I was expecting a devil wears prada environment, everyone all dressed up, but I was lucky enough that they aren’t very demanding on what you wear. The people that work here already have a close relationship that at time when someone new comes on board they get kinda  drake* ( no new friends)  but they make the effort and I understand where they are coming from I’m the same way. New people means learning new things about them, plus I’m an intern I’m here only for a short while. But I will make the effort to show that I am part of the team even if  Im an intern.  

I keep referencing devil wears prada because I’m working in fashion something I would never be working at, yet here I am learning.


Working with a template kinda becomes an issue because everything is already set for you, not much room for creativity.

I appreciate that I don’t have to break my head open to create something new, and hope to god that it gets accepted but it would be nice. When you are working with a big company especially one that deals with clients that have been with you for years you have to think about it very carefully if its worth it to create something outside of their element.

They have various meetings on the re-designing of the site and also of the email blasts that they are to send out. The templates make it easier for everyone to go in and make the changes as well as to add new contents to an existing layout. My job has been recently doing research but also making old designs into greyscale templates for a big meeting for the higher ups.

Lately its been a bit slow but I love what I do I make sure to show a positive face when I’m bored or if I have completed a project way to fast. Even though the projects have been minimal they have taught me to be more observant and that even if I have completed the task to look it over simultaneously.



Devil Wears Prada..

Nigel: [talking about Andy] Who is that *sad* little person? Are we doing a before-and-after piece I don’t know about?

When I first entered Fullbeauty that part of the scene of devil wears prada got to me, I was andy and I wasn’t very stylish. I was introduced to everyone and I was nervous, I met most of everyone in the creative team a few of the creatives already have established a friendship with each other since hence they’ve all been there for more than 6 years. I meet one particular character she was very sarcastic and began to say  hi you will soon hate me!  I began to show a bit of fear, but kept my composure and began to think maybe she gives people too much work.

Everyone was dressed in business casual, but some go beyond that. My supervisor karen I’ve noticed would come in heels if she were to have a meeting with the higher ups, but for creative meetings she would come to work in a relaxed matter. Many of the other women had heels on and or flats, and I came with my regular shoes and a collar shirt with letters all over them, I try not to fall in that fashionable category because that isn’t who I am I want to show diversity with my clothing but also in my creativity. The work space is open, you’re able to see everyone and what they are doing, but also be able to communicate effectively without any communication issue.

At the beginning of each day there are already various individuals working, they come in usually around 8 or so to leave a bit earlier than most. My supervisor karen comes in at 9 and adjusts herself to prep for her morning routine which is to relax and start working at 10, since there is no punch card everyone is obligated to manually put in their hours, what’s great about that is if you leave early after finishing all your work at the end of every friday you can just say that you worked a full 8 hrs. I’ve noticed not many people leave early but stay later to look over final prints, shoots and also web mockups.

When it comes to lunch you’re able to go off to lunch when ever you remember we have a 1hr break of lunch but no one counts, I usually eat at my desk like most of the creatives. Luckily we have a cafeteria and also more food options all the way at the basement floor, we have an option to stay on the 13th floor to eat but many would rather just eat in front of their desk.




Before I got accepted to the internship at fullbeauty I had a one on one interview with the art director Karen, she had a positive glow if you want to say that, she was very cheery and really wanted to know if I understood what fullbeauty was about. It took me various online applications and reviews to get to fullbeauty, when I was searching I wasn’t searching for where I would work but more how I would contribute in a company that has so much but also wants to make a difference. When I look for work or an internship I never look at brand names I always go straight to the companies mission statement and see if I would be a fit with it and everyone involved.

The in-person interview it was a bit of a wreck for me since I had little sleep and was working the day before, I made sure that on that day I stood out and made myself feel as if I was going in for a job rather than an internship. While waiting in this big vast white lobby I began to see various individuals walking by making me a bit uncomfortable, all these men and women were fashionable while I was different not into fashion; Reminded me of devil wears prada and I was Andrea Sachs someone who didn’t know much of fashion but needed a step forward into the real world to get her writing career going.  

While I waited I began to look at my phone, but also tried not look too much into it. After 5 mins, yes 5 minutes karen came by and shook my hand, I gave her a firm handshake to show that I wasn’t there to play but for work and that I was serious about this interview. We came into an empty room, the halls were so vast and you can get lost so easily if you were just visiting, the empty room was white, small but cozy, I grabbed a seat. Karen began to explain the sole purpose of fullbeauty I smiled and listened carefully for small words I watched her body posture to see if she was ok with my answers, I made sure that I showed that I was actively listening to her and made my sentences close to what she has explained to me but summarized. At the end of the interview she asked if I had anything to show luckily I created a brochure of 6 of my best work with my information and logo, she was astonished and I had a proud moment.

Some of the questions during that interview that were asked were my skill sets and my availability. She wanted to know how I work and how I work with others and I explained to her that I used to art direct and that also when working with a group I usually take the lead she liked that I take initiative but also I take control of certain situations. It took at least a week or so for the company to get in touch with me and to tell me that they have accepted me, I was hesitant to take the job because hello its fashion what the hell do I know, but also I took it immediately because I couldn’t wait any longer for anyone else to respond back to me. I always say if a company takes too long get back to you it shows that their system is broken, that their work habits are not to par and I don’t want to be in that situation.

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” – Seth Godin


I have gotten accepted to the company FullBeauty, the most trusted comprehensive resource for plus-size women and men seeking fashion inspiration, style advice, and clothing tailored to their individual needs. They have over 100 or so employees working with them over different sections of the company, the fullbeauty brand has extended its branches from NYC to Texas, they work to have the best customer services available but also be the most trusted fashion icon for plus size individuals. The company is public company that is dedicated to eccommerce and also fashion, they had many names before they began to know themselves as fullbeauty.

The company has various typed of clienteles but they are mainly dedicated to plus size individuals that want to look good but also feel good. The customers are individuals with various fashion sense who want to be independent from the ideal that even if you are a plus size you can not find anything to wear, thats why fullbeauty is dedicated to show and empower such individuals to cherish and love their curves even though they are not a size 6.

The section of the company that I would be working under would be the creative team, under the supervison of karen the art director. My title at the company is creative web intern meaning that I would be working mostly on web items rather than print, even though I’m a graphic designer I can still manage to work with the web, both mediums come in hand in hand and I’m still utilizing what I have learned through out the years at city tech.

An online article

Gave a positive out reach towards how fullbeauty used #ownyourcurves campaign to bring body positivity, this video was seen by many and were applaud with the amount of effort showing that having curves should not stop you from being fashionable.


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