As a student at city tech I have changed a lot of my perspectives of what my life would be after graduating. Before I attended city tech I was a web design and interactive media student in the art institute of NYC. After graduation I had a struggle looking for work with my associates degree my design skills weren’t as advanced but my coding was respectable, after 6 months of not finding a job I was capable of finding a job at a marketing and design company whom in which design ethics were invaluable in my opinion but also learned from the lead designer, a quote that he goes by everyday “Good artists copy, great artists steal” he taught me lets say the way of the dark side, showed me how to design faster with out sketching, while also taught me great ways to present a project to a client. After working with them for almost 8-9 months I quit for the fact that I was under-appreciated, at that moment I began to decide to go back to school for graphic design because I felt my design capabilities were lacking while my coding skills were strong and also because that lead designer began to say “ you wont be a good designer, stick to being a coder”. My career choices were made blankly, a student coming out of high school not knowing exactly what they wanted but one thing I did have creativity, I cant sing or dance or act, but I was good at drawing somewhat, and decided to be a designer.

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