I’ve gone through so many meetings that I as an intern feel even important having to walk in with everyone else. The current meeting we had was a small one, It was with the marketing department well with one individual in that department, she wanted my supervisor to create a splash banner for a sale that is coming up with a timer. My supervisor felt that I was able to handle this task, since she has seen me work rather quickly on small items that were on the list for the big thursday meeting. That same day I was at another meeting 30 mins after the first one, all the creatives had to show their progress and any changes they made to certain contents, I as well had certain parts to present, promo samples (basically tags) on how they would look on different models. The creative director was impressed that all the designers were in the same design mentality on placing boxes in the design, the creative director chosen two of the designs to present on the big thursday meeting each with different style but showing continuity. While at the same meeting I’ve noticed that I have been sitting between the art director and creative director and my supervisor intentionally does that, don’t know why, maybe to let the creative director see me as one of them. Besides that in the meeting she began to talk towards any other designs and how the head honchos wanted to bring back gift cards, all this while I was writing notes, she spoke out and said “ I don’t know why I’m looking at jen, but jen can you do these gift card designs” and of course I agreed. 

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